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Mike Stroff
Mike was born on Camp Lejeune Marine Corp base in Jacksonville, NC. He grew up there and attended East Carolina University where he graduated in 2003. Mike is married to Christina Stroff and has a beautiful daughter Amelia Stroff who is two years old. Mike and his family now call South Texas Home where they run their hunting operation SOE HUNTS and Host Savage Outdoors... ( more )
Jamie Satterfield
Jamie was raised in rural north Georgia on a small family farm. There Jamie learned to respect nature while caring for their poultry and livestock. They were poor and did things the old fashion way - they worked hard. By that standard, his parents pushed for education of which they had none, so he and his brother set off for college... ( more )
Randy Morrison
"Uncle Randy" has been part of the SOE TV and Savage Outdoors pro-staff since July 2006. But, Randy has know Mike since he was 10 years old. If anyone has any stories about Mike it would be Randy! Randy has been a hunter his entire life and brings a resume of big bucks with him! Randy has worked the last 19 years managing three different commercial hunting operations in South Carolina and Texas... ( more )

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Jacob Satterfield
Jacob learned to hunt and fish from his grandfather in the mountains of Georgia. From an early age, he loved being in the woods with a BB gun or a 22 long rifle that had been trimmed down to fit his frame. After years of hunting squirrels with his 22, he got his first rifle, a 7mm 08. He hunted for two seasons without a harvest. Finally, in fourth grade, he took his first whitetail, and then he got the fever.
Mike Stroff III
No we don't mean the host Mike Stroff. This is his dad. He is the senior man on the Prostaff and the go to guy when the team needs something done. Mike is the reason the Savage Outdoors exists because he got Mike Stroff IV into hunting at an early age. That drive and love for the outdoors is what fuels the Savage Outdoors Team! Watch for Mike Stroff III to add a little comedy relief to some of the hunts on the Savage Outdoors.
Chris Ramsey
Chris Ramsey was born and raised in North Carolina; he started hunting at the age of 8 and took his first deer at age 9. Chris and his Brothers are hard working guys that own and operate several business's in North Carolina. Chris and his brother's love hunting and getting out in the outdoors. It didn't take everyone on the Savage Outdoors Team long to realize how serious these boys are about hunting! Chris and his brother Von make a great team traveling the country capturing some great hunts on film for The Savage Outdoors. They have named themselves the "Ramsey Reapers"
Von Ramsey
Von Ramsey is the Assistant Pastor of Victory Baptist Church of Denver, NC. He is also involved in the daily grind and decision making of our family business. Von has a love for the outdoors that runs deep and is a very important part of his life. After he makes sure all is well at the church and the family is doing good then the deer are in trouble. As the Ramsey Reapers would say better duck or bleed!
Brian Robinson
Brian is from NC and works in sales for a communication company. He has been hunting ever since he was a young man and now he is working to pass his knowledge down to his two boys. The fact is Brian loves to be in the outdoors and has a passion for filming hunts. He is a great addition to the Savage Outdoors Prostaff! You will most likely see Brian filming and hunting with the Ramsey Reapers this season!